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Describe Common Cloud Characteristics

Describe Cloud Service Models

Describe Cloud Deployment Models

Describe the Components of the Cisco Intercloud Solution

Identify Key Features of UCS

Describe Server Virtualization

Describe Network Architectures for the Data Center

Describe Infrastructure Virtualization

Describe Storage Provisioning Concepts

Describe the Difference Between All the Storage Access Technologies

Describe Basic SAN Storage Concepts

Describe Basic NAS Storage Concepts

Describe the Various Cisco Storage Network Devices

Describe Various Integrated Infrastructures

دوره CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455

Introduction to Cloud

The Cloud Operation Journey

Cisco Cloud Automation/Orchestration suites

Cisco Prime Service Catalog

Cisco Cloud Infrastructure

Managing Users and Groups

Virtual Machine Management

Automating Cloud Infrastructure with UCS Director

Building a Service Catalog and User Portal with UCS Director and Prime Service Catalog

Deploying Virtual Application Containers

Chargeback, Billing, and Reporting

دوره  OpenStack

What Is Virtualization and Cloud Computing

What Is OpenStack

Getting Started to Play with OpenStack

Installing OpenStack All-In-One

OpenStack Components

OpenStack Keystone

OpenStack Glance

OpenStack Nova

OpenStack Neutron

OpenStack Horizon

OpenStack Cinder

OpenStack Swift

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